Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alcohol and Weight Loss "Don't Mix"

I am often asked about weight loss plans...”What is the best way to lose weight, Trina?”

I dive right in and ask all the important questions; only to find out later that my clients drink a minimum two beers or two glasses of wine a night. “It helps me relax, unwind.”

Like soda – alcohol adds calories. Calories you don’t need right now. These ‘empty’ calories will not make you feel full, in fact studies show that alcohol encourages you to eat more and slows down your metabolism. You will burn less fat with alcohol consumption.

The alcohol sends a signal to the liver – the liver recognizes it as poison and goes to work breaking down the alcohol before it deals with processing the food. In other words your body will burn off the alcohol calories first before it goes to work on the fat. Alcohol inhibits the production of your fat and muscle building hormones.

So if you are serious about weight loss – skip the alcohol for 6-weeks and bump up your water intake. Alcohol is a diuretic and your body goes into emergency mode and makes more cortisol.

Water flushes the waste from your body and helps the nutrients to your muscles; water helps digest food and proteins, and keeps the metabolism running HOT.

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