Sunday, June 13, 2010


I continue to pursue my passion of health and nutrition, by bring “FIT” back to the community. My new business, CrossFit Star, is changing your friends’ and your neighbors’ lives. I am a fitness nut – and in the last 15 years health and nutrition really has not changed all that much. Of course there are new fades, new modalities, and new trade names….but what health and nutrition boils down to is consistency.

“You are not going to be successful if you are inconsistent.”

You can take that motto and apply it to any goal you seek in life – short or long term.
So I can hear you saying to me “but it is hard!” I can’t agree more –when you want to achieve something bad enough, when you want to beat the statistics, when you are ready to change your behaviors and become consistent you will be successful.

For example, the number #1 question that I am asked consistently, “how do I lose weight?” I think about this all the time. Bottom line, it is not easy. Several tasks must be taken; each task must be done routinely and consistently. You must be willing to change your physical behaviors, willingness to devote time, change your conversation, and work hard. Here are a few tasks to get you started.

Consistency = Success

  • Journal, Journal, Journal. Do this every day. Journal your food either paper and pencil style or choose one of these websites. ( or Track your calories, protein, carbs, and fat. This is probably the most daunting of all tasks – however this is a task that does not have to be done forever. Every bite counts!

  • Weight and Measure. Do this for a couple of weeks. This will guide you to an understanding of portions and what a serving actually looks like. You can buy a cheap scale from here (Vitaminder, Food Scale with Portion Tray). Use the code XER367 receive $5 off the scale.

  • Learn to Read Labels. Of course buy fresh as often as possible. When reading a label you should have the basic understandings of the portion size, Protein, Carb, Sugar, Fiber and Fat ratios. Write me if you don’t understand your labels. I’d be happy to help.
    Get moving. No gym membership required. You can do body weight exercises to start. Squats, Lunges, Sit-ups, Push-ups, Walk, Run or Slog up a SWEAT! 30 minutes of daily activity is required.

  • Water, Water, Water. It is what our bodies are mostly made of – therefore our bodies require large amounts of water every day.
    Find a balance between life and YOU!

You are responsible for you. Your spouse, children, boss, friends, neighbors, and personal trainers will provide you with the support and tools you need – Only you can make success happen.