Monday, August 16, 2010

Obesity in Children is on the Rise

Obesity in children is on the rise. Is your child overweight? Most parents don’t see their child as being overweight. In part may be due to very young children still waddling around in what parents believe is baby fat. One study found that only 36% of parents of overweight or obese children ages 2 to 17 identified them as such, and part of it may be that, in a society in which obesity is omnipresent (everywhere), a slightly hefty child looks pretty normal, relatively speaking.
I ask out loud, “why don’t practitioners say something?” I suppose this can be a sensitive issue to discuss, and maybe they don’t know how to communicate the facts to us. However the call to action needs to happen now. Studies show that overweight children lead to overweight adults by 10%, obesity leads to 80% of diseases that can be avoidable if we made some changes. Here are a few tips to get you and your family started.
· Children should be eating five or more servings of fruits and veggies daily
· Children need breakfast. Preferably a breakfast that is low in sugar and moderate in protein. I remember when my son six-years-old and he would go to the nurses’ office feeling dizzy and tired. I realized he was only eating cold cereal before heading off to school. We added an egg or a slice of turkey bacon to balance the carbohydrates.
· At least one hour of physical activity each day. Get out with the family, take a walk, ride bikes, climb hills, roll in the grass, play ball.
· Children should be spending less than two hours in front of a TV, video or computer monitor each day.
· The entire family should be doing these things: Modeling
· Cut back on buying ‘kid’ food. Teach children that good food does not come in a package or box.
As a parent if my daily diet revolves around bologna, potato chips, soda, and ice cream then my children will crave those things too. Maybe as you are reading this you say, “But Trina, I don’t eat cold cereal or pop tarts for breakfast.” I say, “Then why are we still buying those things for our children?” If you can name every celebrity from the past five seasons of Dancing with the Stars, chances are your kids can too. Youth Training available in our garage at CrossFit Star, or check out your local gyms for other kids camps, and get up off the couch.
Trina K Reyes, Certified Personal Trainer. Running/walking coach, bodybuilder and a proud mom of her three children; Kayla, Kasson, and Violet Christina. With twelve years experience Trina has a drive in helping individuals find and succeed in their fitness goals. Visit my facebook page.