Friday, January 23, 2009

Answers to questions you may be asking

I am asked many questions daily, ranging from nutrition, cardio training, weight training, stretching routines just to name a few. Here is what I have to say:

“My father-in-law eliminated all breads and pasta from his diet. He lost 30 pounds. I love bread, and I don’t think I could do with out it. What should I do?”

We need bread and pasta in our diet! Carbohydrates provide us with pure energy, as well as a great source of fiber for everyday balance. Take a look at your nutrition label and note the first four ingredients, be sure they include a whole grain substance, along with 4 grams of fiber per serving. Secondly I recommend we start simple when it comes to wanting to lose a few pounds. Look at your habits, do you over eat? Do you under eat? Do you eat at least 2 fruits a day? How about your water? Start with improving only one of these habits, when it becomes a daily part of your life you can work on something else.

“I want to get back into the gym, where do I begin?”

If you are not the usual gym doer and perhaps you are doing absolutely nothing right now begin with something super simple, “walking”. I once gave a client of mine the simple challenge of 5 minutes each day for 7 days. If she felt good about her 7 days then she could move up to 10 minutes each day for 7 days, then 15 minutes. The idea behind something so simple is to establish a routine.

“Every day I am riding the Elliptical Trainer or I run on the treadmill” “I eat a very healthy diet, yet I can’t loose these last 5 pounds, what more can I do?”

A couple of things come to mind and one of them is Restorative. Try a simple stretch class which should include a rest period or try adding in just a “plain-ole rest day”. Give your body a chance to catch up and repair itself. The other thing that comes to mind is do you have 5 pounds to loose? Maybe your body needs some reshaping. Try something new, such as core work, a Pilates class, or yoga. It might be just what your body needs.

“When I get home from work I fix a nice dinner, but then after dinner I can’t seem to stop eating.”

There is a simple remedy for the after dark overeater. Eat more during the day! Usually we start off our day with a decent breakfast, and then we get so busy we may only have a snack for lunch or skip lunch all together. When 3:00 o’clock comes around we reach for a caffeine fix then we head home. Our nice dinner is delicious, but not enough to satisfy the already negative deficit we’ve created. So we keep eating…. Eat at least 4 meals during the day, you should consume ¾ of your calories by dinner time, which means each meal should equal at the least 300 calories.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our First Ever Walking/Running Training Program. Each member was successful with their goals.

Tony and I enjoy biking - we adventured up a very long rocky ride. Going up wasn't so hard, going down was a bit of a challenge. McCall 2007