Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Looking Ahead - 1 month at a Time

Looking ahead to the rest of 2010 -one month at a time....

Our theory 'S.M.A.R.T.E.R': Simple, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic, Time, Evaluate, and Reward. Here are a few simple tips that may guide you through this next month.

Daily Exercise: Start your first week with only 10 minutes of walking. Then increase only by 5 minutes the second week. By the third week increase it by 5 minutes, and by the fourth week you will increase your walks up another 5 minutes. By the end of the month you will be walking a total of 25 minutes and your body will crave that ritual.
When choosing condiments, switch to non-fat or skip it all together. This includes the cheese. You will save as much as 250 calories.
Breakfast choices: Skip the doughnut case and choose a whole grain bagel and apple, or ready to drink smoothie or yogurt. The complex carbs and protein will provide you with longer lasting energy.
If you must go to the drive through for lunch, choose a broiled chicken sandwich and skip the fries. If it is fries you crave order the kids’ meal and enjoy.
When hitting your local coffee shop, order it 'Skinny'. You will cut as many as 30 fat grams with just one word.
Your pet's exercise program has probably slowed down. Grab a coat and hit the sidewalk. Once around the block and you will feel invigorated-a double bonus- your pet will love you too.
With the colder months upon us we tend to forget about hydration. In reality water is crucial this time of year. Keep water close by, in the car, on the desk, next to your coffee table, just seeing it there will remind you to take a sip.

Take October as another month to stay on task. Don't think you need to do it all this. It took some time to get where you are today and it will take time to get where you want to go. A friend once told me that you must do what you love so that you will keep doing it.