Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Become Leaner and Stronger - no money required

Become leaner and stronger. No money required, with the PUSH-UP!

The Push-Up is essentially a total body workout. The primary mover of a push-up is your chest and triceps. However, if you look at the form your body takes during the push-up you are suspended from your toes to your shoulders, every muscle is engaged and active in some way or another. The Push-up works great for strengthing your core, back, legs, hips, shoulders, chest, and arms.

A push-up is considered a resistance exercise, so in addition to muscle strengthening, you also get bone-building effects. It can be as effective as working with weights.

To keep in mind while performing the push-up, engage your tummy, hips, glutes and lats. Lower yourself slow and steady without dropping the hips. Keep a nice straight line from your head to your tail.

Your push-ups can be done with modification by dropping down to your knees.

If you are telling me that you don't think you can even do one push-up well I have a 2 week challange for you. From our friends at Desert CrossFit:
THE PUSH UP CHALLENGE: On a Sunday do as many push ups as you can in one set...record the number. Monday do your push ups in one sitting using as many sets as necessary (women 50/men 100). Tuesday do your push ups over the course of the day. Wednesday in one sitting.....Thursday over the day.....Friday in one sitting....Saturday over the day. ...Sunday is rest day. Repeat the same schedule the next week and rest again on Sunday. That next Monday test to see how many push ups you can do in one set. See how far the number has improved over the first measurement!
Post your results and let us know how you did at the end of two weeks.